Cape Cod 2000

updated 02/17/01
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Cape Cod

In the year 2000 our family obtained a camper in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.  We actually inherited it so to speak from Mr. and Mrs. Dressel. Their son Earl has been a very good friend to our family and it was his parents who offered us the camper in Cape Cod.  Initially our first summer there, which was last year, we shared the camper with other families and we, all shared the cost of the lot rent.  Our family spent several weeks in Cape Cod and we had a really great time. 

The pictures above are of our son Rik who went to the cape with my husband Robert and I.  We went in the fall to close up the camper for the winter.  During this period of time we drove around to different beaches where Robert and Rik would go and see the ocean shores.  We made sandwiches and drove around and drank some softdrinks.  We had a really great time.  The night before we closed up the camper for the winter Rik and his Dad managed to get into the cheer and well we all did a lot of talking that night.  The two of them really enjoyed themselves.

We had to close up the camping trailer before Columbus Day.  On the day Robert and Rik closed the trailer up it rained really furious. The two of them put the tarp over the roof of the camper and rolled up the tarp in a really bad down pour.  Both of them were totally soaked.  Even though the last day there was a very difficult one,  the rest of the time on the Cape was great. 

Before we went to the Cape with Rik I went to the Cape with our son Jordan and then Robert came with his mom, and Aunt Donna and then Zach and his girlfriend Connie and her child Saphire.  Saphire is a Granddaughter to us. We all had a good time. In Provincetown, Connie, Zach and Jordan all went on the Blue Dolphin Whale Watch.  On this boat they found out that people who throw cigarette butts in the water cause deaths of whales.  They were also told this was the first place where the Pilgrims and the Mayflower came to was Provincetown.  We went to a place called First Encounter Beach in another part of the Cape and there my mother in-law Mary said it was the first place where she believed the Pilgrims landed.  Well on my next trip to Cape Cod I hope to find out just where the Pilgrims really landed first. 

When we were at our camp our son Jordan rode his bicycle around on bike trails.  There are bike trails leading to different spots in the Cape.  We went to a very nice restaurant called Rookies and had some really nice meals.  We also bought some main lobsters at the campsites store and then cooked them at our campsite. When we went there to close the camper our son Rik barbecued some excellent chicken and it was very delicious and really hit the spot.  All in all last summer was such a vacation success.  Rik went there with Rita for a week and they took a trip over to Martha’s Vineyard.  We saw a television show while at Cape Cod that said the movie Jaws was made at Martha’s Vineyard.  Rik and Rita went to and ate at some really nice restaurants.

Acoss from our campsite is a movie cinema and the Wellfleet Drive-In. The Drive-In throughout all of the years has withstood all of the hurricanes which have hit this part of the Cape.  On certain days there is a Flea Market at the Drive-In. We went there and Jordan purchased Robert a shirt and a shirt for his friend Sue.  When my mother in-law Mary, and her sister Aunt Donna, went to the Flea Market with us Mary purchased Tennis Balls for her dog Bailey and Aunt Donna purchased some police patches for her boyfriend Joe.  Robert purchased some ashtrays because we had smokers and had no ashtrays at the camper.  There are always an assortment of many different things one can buy at the Flea Market. 

One of the joys was seeing little Saphire, who is only four years old, running to the ocean and hopping right in. She really had to be watched very well because she is so small and has absolutely no fear of the water.  She had a little two piece bathing suit her Aunt Jennifer gave to her and she looked really cute.  Robert and I had spent many hours driving around going from beach to beach.  We went to Rock Harbor, Fort Hill, Skacket Beach, Herring Cove, Maguire Landing, and Newcomb Hollow. In Provincetown we managed to get some really great clam chowder at the Lobster Pot.  Jordan drove his bicycle around there. 

Connie was upset the first time they went to Provincetown because her shoe had broken and she could not really find a very good affordable pair to replace them. She did buy a pair of shoes at Bradlees but they broke right after she purchased them so they were returned.  If you go to Cape Cod always make sure you bring not only good but an extra pair of shoes.  In Provincetown people do a lot of walking around. We saw a street performer who wore make up which made her face look like she had red circles on her cheeks. A lot of people stood around and watched her perform for free.  Zach, Connie, Saphire and Jordan went around seeing what they could at Provincetown on our first visit.

Connie did not like Seafood so she and Zach ate a lot at Friendlys. One night Robert and I ate at Friendly’s where I had New England Clam Chowder and Robert had a fish dinner. The chowder was very good.  The best place on the Cape for chowder was at Cookes Restaurant.  They also have really good fried Calamari, Fried clams and my mother in-law Mary loved the fried Lobster Tails. In one of our travels Robert and I went to a roadside place called Kate’s Restaurant. We had clam fritters there and they were very good.  There are also a few Chinese Restaurants. Robert, Saphire and I went to one and it was a buffet and it was very good just outside of Orleans.  Our son Rik told us about one that was right in Orleans and he said it was very good. Robert and I saw the menu and the prices seemed very reasonable and you can look out the windows and see the Ocean.

At our camping trailer we have a gas stove and refrigerator. One night Jordan cooked frozen pizza in the stove.  We could keep things cold in the refrigerator. When we were away from the campsite we ate sandwiches which we put in a cooler with ice and drank soda.   The very first time Robert and I went to the Cape we stayed in the South Wellfleet Motel for a night.  We still had a good time. We went to the beach and we purchased cold cuts, bread, and soda to eat and drink.  On this occasion we had just gone up there to see the campsite before we went in on renting it with the others.  In the year 2001 only our family will own the campsite and we plan on spending a lot of time there.     We are all looking forward to the Spring of 2001 to go to the Cape and have another nice vacation in both the Spring and Summer. Last year our family enjoyed it and we hope we will do the same in 2001.

Donna Lynn Mosley-Arcolano-Simpson


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