Wellfleet, Mass.  Cape Cod Year 3
front The trailer looks about the same as it did in 2000, the first year our family started to come to Maurice's.  We all like being here, except for the long ride...  The time on the Cape has really been great for all of the family members.

We had a visit from Buck and Shirley Ryder of Harrisbugh, Pa. They wanted to know how the Dressels were.  I told them that they had moved into an assisted living community near Atlanta and that their health was pretty good.  They told us about the great times that they had with the Dressels.  They reminded me that today (Sunday June 9, 2002 was clam day).   I told them that we were happy to go up to Capt. Elmer's and buy 10 bucks of $.59 lb. clams.

Last year was great, Donna spent most of the summer here, however after Sept. 11, 2001, I could not come out any more.  My oldest son Rik closed the trailer last year.

We had to buy two new LPG tanks this year as the old ones can not be filled.  I planted some hasta in the front of the trailer and painted some of the rusting steel.  One of the vents broke and I need to fix it, but everything else works. Our neighbor Andy helped me replace the vent.  I do need to replace the awning, it is starting to leak and rip.....

kids Here is Rock Harbor, that is Rik and Kim.  They just got married on June 1, 2002. They are very happy and have a little house in the country in Duanesburg in Schnectady County. We are very happy for them.

They love the Cape.  Rik likes the squid at Cooks and of course clam chowder.  

Cape Cod 2003

Our Neighbor Peter decided to sell his trailer so he could travel.  He put up a for sale sign as we were sitting there.  He showed us the inside and my wife and I decided to buy it.     It is like our trailer across the road but a little bigger and newer.

Donna takes her little walks