Happy Birthday 
Donna Lynn Mosley Simpson
42 Years
images need some clicking
The Knox Simpsons, together for mom's 42nd Birthday.  We all know that we are very lucky to be together; all is well had two cakes and some beer and tequila. The kids were here with Starr and Bill.
Zachary, Jordan, William, Robert, Donna and Starr watch as Donna blows out the candles on a GREAT CARROT CAKE that Starr and her sister Jean and Brother in-law David made. 
Starr, Zach and Donna.  Starr is our friend from Arkansas; she brought the best carrot cake we have ever had.
Rik is a clown as usual.  Birthday parties are supposed to be serious occasions.  He always makes a scene when a camera is around.
There he is at 24 year.  A happy man and Neil Young freak. 
Mom and Rik. (running out of things to say)...... this was really the morning after the party, the same as above, now back to the party........
Nice to have them here, nice to say goodbye too.
These were tough kids to raise....... and they are almost there.
Feb. 20, 2000