Earl W.  Dressel
State Warning Officer
Retires from State Service

January 15, 2003
earl award
in recognition and appreciation cites
Earl W. Dressel
For your 28 years of service with the New York State Emergency Management Office.  Your experience and dedication have contributed greatly to the protection of life and property in the Empire State.  You abilities and performance have provided both the citizens of New York and your co-workers with steadfast support in their time of greatest need.

Presented by:
Edward F. Jacoby, Jr.. Director
NYS Emergency Management Office
on January  15, 2003

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After 28 years of service to New York State, Earl Dressel, State Warning Officer, spent his last day at SEMO on January 15, 2003..  Earl's fellow workers had a surprise pizza party for him to help him celebrate the event. As Earl walked into the cafetaria, there was a very loud and extended  period of clapping from the SEMO staff. Deputy Director Tom Rinaldi presented Earl with a plaque honoring his service to the State of New York and, on behalf of SEMO, wished Earl best wishes on his future endeavors.
Earl thanked us and said that he was very happy with his decision to retire and is looking forward to his new phase in life.  He plans to spend his winters in Hawaii and travelling with his wife Anne.  He told his friends that he will miss them and enjoyed his work helping people over the years.
marlene earl Marlene White and Earl Dressel talk about Earl's invitation to all SEMO staff to visit him in Hawaii.

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To: Earl
From: Lee Battes
Date: Monday, March 17, 2003 1:24 AM
Subject: Lee and Thana wish you well.

Congratulations Earl,  I was stunned to hear the news.  Soon there will be no one at SEMO that I know.  Thana wanted me to send you her best wishes.  She hopes that you and Ann have a wonderful, long and happy life together.  She remembers fondly our hanging out and card playing at the Clam Bakes at Western Turnpike Golf Course.  Now she really is getting more limited in her mobility but her spirit is good, and we do a lot of things we like together.

I have been thinking of you lately, especially when I watch the Stock Market continue to stumble along.  Remember, when the stocks you own go down in value, you haven't lost money unless you sell.  But I guess you know that.

You will not regret your decision.  Now you will have the time to do what you really enjoy.  You will not have to shop for groceries on the way home from work.  You will not have to go out in snow and ice to get into the office.  You will not have to pack any more lunches for work.  Your time will be your one.  You will not have to do any more tests of the Warning Systems.  You will not have to listen to Chuck expound on the weather.  You will not have to listen to any more snivelling in the office.  You will not have to go to any more staff meetings. 

But, what should you do now?  My suggestion is to go out and have a super hot fudge sundae at Friendly's with 6 scoops of vanilla ice cream.  But what do I know?  Are there any good books you have been hoping to get to?  How about that Art Appreciation Course?  Or maybe you might like to learn to play the clarinet.  The world is yours.

I cherish our days of working with you in the Radiological Program.  I thank you for your help in my early days over in Building 22.  Steve Foster told me last fall, that of all the jobs he ever had, he was the happiest working for Radiological Intelligence.  You were part of that team, and I always found you an extremely competent and hard-working professional.
And, I know that Bill Trolenberg felt the same way. 

I ran into Frank Griffin in the bank the other day, and he looks good.  He is enjoying his retirement and his family.
I saw Grushky once over at Bob and Ron's Fish Fry. 

Randy is not retired, but has been doing substitute teaching at area schools.  He ran into Dennis Viscanti, who was also substitute teaching.  They had lunch and talked about the good ol' days.

I heard from Chuck that he has broken his leg again.  Yowch! 

I hope I run into you sometime as a fellow retiree.  Especially in Hawaii.

To: Earl
From: John Grubsick
Date: January 24, 2003
Subject: Happy Retirement Earl

Happy  retirement,  and  may  the  joy  of  spending  your  time  out  of  this  cold  weather  be  of  confort  to  you  and  your  wife,

With  all  my  best  wishes,

John  J.  Grubsick