So Long Ron Simmons
......................honors from his fellow workers

ron On Thursday nite, January 10, 2002 the co-workers of Ron Simmons had a dinner at Florio's in Little Italy, NYC to honor him for the hard work and success he achieved in helping the City of New York recover from the World Trade Center Disaster of September 11, 2001.  We had a excellent dinner and enjoyed a great time with Ron. Marc Talluto, on loan from NYS Parks, acted as the Master of Ceremonies.   Marc presented Ron with a WTC memorial coat and a picture of Ron and the PALs on Pier 90.

Stephen Dyer, SEMO PAL, gave Ron some advice and wished him luck with his new job at NYSEFC.  

Robert Simpson read a letter from Marianne Jackson, FEMA,  which acknowledged the great job Ron did helping the City.   He read a letter from Susan Bergmann telling Ron that she knew that he would be just as successful at his new job as he had been with us.  He then read a list of THE TOP 10 REASONS WHY I WILL MISS RON SIMMONS.

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top ten

10. I will miss all the intimate email that I get which was meant for Ron Simmons and was mistakenly sent to me because our names are similiar

9. I will miss the sweet taste of Southern Comfort that Ron insists on drinking and offering to his friends

8. I will miss the unbelievable patience and understanding that Ron has for his fellow workers who are lazy, slow, unable to follow directions and who just do not give a damn

7 to 4.     I will miss the phrases:

"consider it done"
"I already did it"
"Ka Ching" (the sound of  a cash register, indicating that Ron just made another multi-million dollar deal which benefited NY
"fire his/her a--"

3.  I will miss the sweet smell of another cigarette in Ron's car

2. I willl miss Ron's smoothing, layed-back, attitude

And the number one reason that I will miss Ron Simmons is:  

Because Ron is the hardest working, most capable, caring, honest,
passionate worker that I have ever come across in my 30 years with SEMO  


"They really like Me"
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  Hi Ron,
It's been really great working with you.  You have made our transition into recovery much easier, since this program is new to the both of us.   Thanks for letting us pick your brain.  We are going to miss you very much.   Now who will bring us on road trips and introduce us to the "Excavator"?   

Good luck at your new job and stay in touch with us.  Because you know as soon as we get your number/email, you'll be hearing from us.

We're glad that everyone had fun at your going away party.   It was a blast. I hear you're on the mandatory list for all parties.  

Stay happy and healthy and we'll talk with you later.

Our last comment to you.  "LOSE THE LIBRARY CARD".   
Marlene and Denise
Well Done Ron!
we all will remember what Ron did
A little Ron in all of us
ron coat
Well deserved
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From: Collison
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 5:44 PM
Subject: DOT! DOT! DOT! (Hey Ron)

Congratulations Ron

Congratulations Ron hope things work out for you on your new chosen path.  Just want to let you know the effort you put into showing us the ropes and trying to keep everyone happy didn't go unnoticed, my experience with the WTC event is something I will always remember.  On that note, Just want to say hello to the "GROUP" (you all know who you are) keep on enjoying life and maybe we'll have the pleasure of working with SEMO in the future.
It's been fun,

Frank Collison (STIX)

From:    Dick Soovajian
Sent:      Wed, February 20, 2002
To:        Simpson, Robert
Subject: Short Note to Ron


I'm glad to say that I met you and got to know you over the three short years we were associated. You will be sorely missed at SEMO, but I'm sure you are better off where you are. Stay focused and don't look back.

Your friend,
Dick Soovajian

PS: If there is anything I can do to help you, please don't hesitate to call me.

From:    Frank Benante
Sent:      Friday, February 15, 2002 6:20 PM
To:        Simpson, Robert
Subject: Ron Simmons

So how about those Weatherproof SEMO commerative jackets heh! Mine feels great on a rainy or nasty day outdoors at Orient Beach State Park. It makes me proud to wear the colors, and to let others know where I've been.

What a great group to work with for the past four months. Returning to the Parks Dept. seems to pale by comparison.

I've just returned from visiting Salt Lake City and the Winter Games, a fantastic break from NYC.
Hoping the spirit of the Olympic Games and the commitment to the WTC Disaster, will live in the hearts of all the SEMO PAL's for years to come.

Good Luck Ron, God Bless us all. 
Frank Benante
Park Engineer
NYS Parks & Recreation,  Long Island Region

From:    Cliff Parker
Sent:      Sunday, February 10, 2002
To:        Simpson, Robert
Subject: Ron

Dear Ron,

I thank you for the opporunity to work with you and your PALs in NYC and it has been a great experience
and learning opportunity working with you.  Once I get back I'll have to change my line... "I think we can
get some more money, let me talk to the expert in the program"

MSG Cliff Parker

From: John Bien
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2002
To: Simpson, Robert
Subject: Ron Simmons...A Great, Great Individual

This website brought back many memories of you the past 4 months.  Many of them were joyus and some were sad.  You were (and still are) a wonderful leader especially during this disaster.  I will remember all the times you took time for me as we sat down and chatted about the "the problems" I was having.  I was a rookie with this public assistance program and you explained it to me and many others time and time again, without missing a beat.  You always had a logical solution even when you were overloaded. 

To Ron and to everyone whom I had a chance to work with "I will never forget".

If you ever need anything from me please contact me at
God Bless America!

John Bien
Civil Engineer 3
New York State Thruway Authority

From: Lowenski, Catherine
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2002 5:05 PM
To: Simpson, Robert
Subject: for Simmons

Dear Ron

It has been a pleasure knowing and working with you
Even if you do smoke cigarettes (that's a joke)
Best wishes in your new endeavor
We will miss you
Thanks for giving 110% to SEMO, you are a great person, dedicated,  professional and intelligent.
I mean that!
You definately be missed but don't look back and go forward to bigger and better things just be careful of those limousines

God speed,


Thanks for hiring me, it was a great experience working with you in NYC at the Pier 90 DFO, something I'll never forget.  Here's hoping you will have great success in your new venture...Thanks again for the experience....  
Your PAL (some pun huh?),
John Debboli

Ron, its been my pleasure having known you since your first introduction to FEMA in the Town of Walton ( who could forget ) in Jan./1996. Your heart is the vehicle by which you choose to show your true and genuine humanitarian qualities.

Know that your loved by all who have served with you and you'll be greatly missed. Wishing you all the best life has to offer.

John W. Petrosino

Ron, good luck with the new job. New York State is fortunate and should be proud to have such a great hardworking employee!

Marc Talluto (NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation)