September 30, 2000
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Joanne Cedilotte organized a good bye party for Mary Mulligan Simpson Culver at the Orchard Tavern, here we are waiting for our table to be ready.  Mom is going to Florida next week with Aunt Donna.  We are here to send her off to her winter home. The Friehoffer Plant across the street smelled like donuts. Donna Simpson just got her summer haircut and is wearing a FEMA hat to keep warm.

Now the Orchard Tavern plays a part in our lives; we went there as little kids on Friday nites, in the late 1950s and the early 1960s.  We always talk about making the orange soda last until the pizza came and how our dad used to get anchovies on one of the pizzas and we could taste it in all of our pizzas.  And the pizzas are still little pizzas with a very good taste.

There is Saphire, Joanne, Jack, Brian, Bill, Mom, Ed, Rik and Zachary. We ordered too many pizzas but most of the pizza was gone before we left.  Bill came in late from a golf; he had a good golf day.

This picture was taken by Mom, pretty good picture! That's Robert Simpson, Joanne Simpson, Kate (she will be 12 very soon)..... Mom is going digital!!!

Here Is kool Brian, and on the other side is sister Jean.  Saphire was running around being a 4 year old.  She loved getting teased by Uncle Jack.

Zachary, Rik and Connie had to work, but got there late, they were ready to eat pizza and drink a Guiness Stout, thanks Uncle Bill.

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